Pain Relief Tips While You Are Waiting For Dental Fillings

12 March 2017
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If you need to have some dental fillings installed but are either waiting for an appointment to be available or still raising the funds to pay for the procedure, then it is important that you know how to control any pain you are experiencing in the meantime. Thankfully, there are a wide variety of things you can do to alleviate dental pain at home.

Use these dental pain relief tips while you are waiting for your appointment to have your cavities filled: 

Tip: Rinse Out Your Mouth With Salty Water to Quickly Alleviate Pain and Sanitize Your Mouth

While you may think of salt as something you use to season your food or soften your well water, you might be surprised to learn that it has been used for eons for pain relief and as an antiseptic. You can apply a dab of salt directly onto your teeth that are in pain. Additionally, you can mix some salt in warm water and then use the solution as a mouthwash. Swish the warm salty water around your teeth and gums to alleviate pain and provide some antiseptic protection.

Tip: Keep Up with Regular Brushing and Flossing Even if It Causes You Pain

Even if brushing and flossing your teeth causes you pain, it is vital that you keep up with your oral hygiene routine while you are waiting for your dental appointment. If you do not continue to remove food and bacteria from your teeth, then you cavities will spread and cause additional tooth damage. 

Tip: Apply a Cottonball Soaked in Clove Oil Directly to the Decayed Tooth

If a saltwater rinse isn't relieving enough of your dental pain, then you should soak a cotton ball in natural clove oil. Apply the cotton ball directly to your tooth and it will relieve your pain for a couple of hours. Apply a new cotton ball when your pain returns.

Tip: Get Your Dental Fillings Installed as Soon as Possible to Prevent Further Tooth Damage

Finally, it is very important that you get your dental fillings installed as soon as possible. The longer your tooth has a cavity, then the more damage that will be done to your tooth. If your cavities are left to go too long without professional treatment, then you may end up needing a root canal rather than just a filling. For this reason, you need to get to the dentist as soon as you can to have your teeth taken care of correctly.

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