Keep Your Oral Health a Priority All Summer Long

23 May 2017
 Categories: Dentist, Blog


Keeping your oral health intact is a goal you want to work towards all year long. Unfortunately, the summer months can sometimes make this a difficult task to complete; however, it's important nonetheless. Learn what you need to do to protect your oral health all year long.  

Always Pick Fruit

Once summer arrives, the invitations for backyard barbecues seem to never stop. You can still go and enjoy yourself, you just want to be mindful of what you eat, especially when it comes to dessert time. Always pick fruit over any cake, cookie, or other baked good. Sure, fruit does have sugar, but it's a far less amount than what is added to the average baked good.

Secondly, fruit can be a great tool in promoting good oral health. Crisp fruits like apples can actually help clean plaque off your teeth and even help you avoid bad breath. Fruits are also rich in Vitamin C and antioxidants, which help strengthen and protect your gums.  

Drink More Tap Water

During the summer, most people are on the go. Whether you're in the car with the family headed on a road trip or spending a day at the pool or the beach, you should always bring along plenty of water on your journey. Bottled water might seem like the more convenient option, but it's also wise to add some tap water into the mix.

Tap water contains fluoride, which is critical to helping strengthen your enamel. Many bottled waters don't contain fluoride. Consider purchasing reusable water bottles, filling them up with tap water, and carrying them with you.

Remember To Protect Your Lips

When it comes to lip protection, much of the focus is put on the colder months of the year. However, safeguarding your lips with some type of balm is increasingly important during the summer months given the amount of time the average person spends outside.

Just like your skin is at risk after prolonged sun exposure, your lips are vulnerable too. In fact, they are at an elevated risk because the skin is thinner and it lacks melanin, which can help protect the skin. When you don't protect your lips and you're outside in the sun, you increase your risk of oral cancer. Always apply lip protection.

Keep good oral hygiene and health a priority all summer long. The more effort you put into this goal, the more beautiful your smile and the stronger your teeth and gums will be. Talk to a dentist or go to if you have any additional questions.