Four Of The Most Common Problems Seniors Have With Their Dental Health

14 February 2018
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As you age, taking care of your overall health becomes even more important simply because health begins to deteriorate. This includes your oral health, which is susceptible to many issues. Here are four of the most common problems seniors have with their dental health and how to take care of them:

  1. Darkened Teeth: The first problem is darkened teeth, which can simply be fixed with teeth whitening. However, this might not be the right solution if you smoke or drink many dark beverages, such as dark soda or red wine. If darkened teeth is a common concern for you, you might want to quit these habits in order to be sure that the teeth whitening procedure sticks. 
  2. Tooth Decay: Decay is a common concern for seniors simply because with age comes problems with decay even if you have been caring for your teeth properly. To prevent decay from taking your teeth, you must continue visiting your dentist on a regular basis, as well as brushing and flossing. If it comes to the point where the decay has taken hold, you will want to remove the tooth right away as to your dentist's advice to prevent the decay from spreading. The best way to fill a gap is to consider implants, which will ensure that the structure of your jawbone is not compromised and the rest of your teeth can stay strong rather than shifting and weakening due to a weakening jawbone. 
  3. Dry Mouth: Dry mouth is another common problem for seniors. The best way to combat it is to drink lots of water. However, there could be an underlying issues that you want to talk to your dentist about. If saliva production is done, which is the most common reason for dry mouth, your dentist may recommend certain dietary changes or medications that can help. 
  4. Bleeding Gums: Bleeding gums is often the cause of gum disease. If you notice bleeding gums, talk with your dentist right away to treat the gum disease. Gum disease that is not treated, especially in your older age can lead to more serious health complications, including heart disease. Believe it or not, but these two things correlate. 

These are four of the most common dental problems seniors run into. Knowing that these are problems that can be resolved, you will know when a visit to the dentist is warranted outside of the regular six month appointment. Contact a general dentistry professional to learn more.