3 Questions To Consider About Porcelain Veneers And Crowns

17 April 2018
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Porcelain veneers and porcelain crowns are becoming more popular in cosmetic dentistry because of their many benefits. If you have an imperfect smile, you may be considering veneers or dental crowns. Before you make the appointment, however, check out these three questions you need to consider about veneers and crowns.

What Do You Need Corrected?

Both porcelain veneers and crowns are great at correcting many cosmetic concerns, making them a great choice if you have more than one issue to correct. For example, if you have stained teeth, but they are otherwise perfect, veneers and crowns are a waste of money because an inexpensive whitening procedure can correct the problem. However, if you have stained teeth, chipped teeth, and mild crookedness/gapping, veneers and crowns correct those problems, too. The end result is a smile that now looks nearly perfect. Neither, however, are good at correcting severely crooked teeth because they don't move teeth, they just make teeth appear straight.

Do You Need to Strengthen Teeth?

If you have a lot of damage to your teeth, such as big cracks and large fillings, you need dental crowns. Dental crowns actually strengthen teeth, which is why they are commonly used after root canal therapy or a large filling is placed. The problem with having large fillings is they create weak spots where the filling and tooth meet. When exposed to the normal pressure of eating, your teeth wear down faster because the pressure cannot be evenly distributed, and it gets stuck at the crack or edge of the filling. By placing a dental crown over the tooth, it returns that solid surface. In addition, crowns protect every surface of the tooth from bacteria and plaque (except along the gum line). Veneers do not strengthen teeth.

Can You Make the Lifelong Commitment?

Veneers and dental crowns are a lifelong commitment. Unfortunately, that doesn't mean the crown or veneer will last forever. In fact, a veneer is likely to last up to 10 years with proper care. A crown may last up to 15 years with good dental care. Once the crown or veneer needs to be replaced, you can't simply choose to undo the treatment. In order for the veneer or crown to fit, your tooth must be filed down, removing much or all of the enamel. Therefore, without protection, your tooth is vulnerable to fast decay. Because dental crowns fit over the entire tooth (and veneers only cover the front of teeth), more tooth tissue is removed to place crowns.

Cosmetic dentistry has made many advancements in the past few years, making it possible for anyone to get a beautiful smile. If you have a few mild cosmetic problems to address, consider dental crowns and veneers. For more information, contact companies like Reconstructive & Implant Dental - Edward M Amet DDS.