Here's How Dental Veneers Can Reduce Tooth Sensitivity

8 August 2018
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Dental veneers are often thought of as just a cosmetic improvement. The little porcelain creations are adhered to the front of teeth and make them look perfect in size, shape, and shade. However, if you have tooth sensitivity, they may be able to help you with that, too. Keep reading to discover how dental veneers have the ability to reduce tooth sensitivity.

How They Do It

When dental veneers are placed on top of teeth, they don't just sit or hover above the tooth. The contact cement that dentists use creates a very tight seal between the real tooth and the veneer in front of it. As a result, no liquids or solids can get between the two.

This means that tooth sensitivity where pain or discomfort comes from touching the front of the tooth can be greatly reduced. The veneer acts like an extra layer of protection, and the front of the tooth won't come in contact with any substances that could leave it feeling sensitive or painful.

People Who Apply

Not everyone's tooth sensitivity is in the front of the tooth. Depending on where yours originates, veneers could offer you full or partial relief. It's best to talk to a dentist about what part of your teeth are damaged or are generating pain so you can be sure.

One of the types of people who benefits most from veneers is those who had braces. Many people who have their braces come off discover that their teeth have white marks due to poor oral hygiene maintenance while the braces were on. By using veneers, you can eliminate sensitivity to the front of the tooth where enamel damage occurred, and you can save your appearance, too.

What to Expect

Getting veneers is an easy process. Most of your visits to the dentist will be for the planning stages. You'll go to discuss your dental goals, and you'll be examined and x-rayed by your dentist. This will help them to make sure that your teeth are healthy enough for veneers and to choose a size and shape of veneers that's appropriate for your mouth size and shape.

Finally, after the custom veneers are ordered and shipped to your dentist's office, they'll be attached. Once the adhesive dries fully, you'll be free to return to your normal life activities with your improved-looking smile.

Your teeth can look vastly better with veneers, and you can potentially improve your level of discomfort. Talk to local cosmetic dentist services to find out how veneers can help with your personal dental needs.