How To Get Metal Braces Without Anyone Knowing

4 September 2018
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Everyone knows that braces can do a lot to correct the way that your smile looks and your bite works, but having unsightly braces isn't as nice. While some invisible options exist, they're not appropriate for everyone, especially if you need significant adjustments made to your smile. If you're eager to get the benefits of metal braces but don't want anyone to see them, here's how you can make it happen.

Sublingual Braces

The solution for you is a type of braces called sublingual braces. As the name implies, sublingual braces are mounted on the back of your teeth, not the front. This means that you can have metal braces without anyone being able to see them when you eat or flash a toothy smile.

How They Work

Sublingual braces actually work the exact same way as standard metal braces, but sort of in reverse. When metal braces are mounted to the front of teeth, a wire is threaded through them that is used to pull or push the smile into the position that the dentist wants the teeth to go. Sublingual braces just do the reverse, putting the brackets and wire on the back of the teeth. This means that sublingual braces work just as quickly and effectively as standard metal braces, so you can expect to get the full correction you've been looking for for your smile.

What to Expect

Getting sublingual braces really isn't any different than standard metal braces. Your orthodontist will perform an examination, some x-rays, and they may take a mold of your teeth. From there, they'll put together a plan on how they'll correct the alignment of your smile with an estimate of how long it will take.

If the two of you agree to the treatment, you'll come back in to have the braces mounted. This doesn't require any drilling, as the brackets are just mounted with dental cement. Once they're in place, the wire will be attached, and you'll be able to go home. You'll come back in occasionally to have the braces adjusted so that your smile keeps moving in the direction your dentist wants it to.

Sublingual braces are the best of both worlds. They can give you the discreet smile correction that you're looking for while still outperforming invisible braces in their ability to realign your teeth and bite. Talk to an orthodontics clinic like Eberting Orthodontics about sublingual braces if this sounds like it's right for you.