Still Postponing Orthodontic Treatment? 4 Ways Braces Can Improve Your Life

18 September 2019
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If you're postponing orthodontic treatment because you think you can live without straight teeth, you might be missing the point. There's more to orthodontic treatment than just straightening out your teeth. In fact, there are benefits to orthodontic braces that you might not have even thought about. Orthodontic braces provide a myriad of benefits for you, your teeth and your gums. Here are four of those benefits for you to consider before you decide against orthodontic braces.

Reduce Your Risk of Gum Disease

If you have misaligned teeth, you're at an increased risk for gum disease. That's because misaligned teeth provide the perfect environment for bacteria, plaque and tarter to build up. This is particularly true if your misalignment is significant. When teeth are crowded or overlap each other, it's difficult to get them as clean as they need to be. Not only that, but those dental issues can make it nearly impossible to floss properly. As a result, your teeth and gums can suffer, leading to the increased risk for gum disease. Reduce that risk by having your teeth straightened with orthodontic braces.

Improve Your Digestion

When you have misaligned teeth, you may not be able to digest your food properly. One of the reasons for the lack of proper digestion has to do with the way you chew your food. When you have misaligned teeth, you can't chew your food properly. Unfortunately, your stomach can't digest food properly when your food is left in larger portions. To make sure you can chew your food properly and to ensure proper digestion, talk to your dentist about orthodontic treatment to repair your misaligned teeth.

Protect Your Teeth and Mouth

If your teeth are misaligned, you're at a greater risk for tooth and mouth injuries, especially if any of your teeth protrude past your normal bite. These injuries can vary in severity, from serious bites inside your mouth, to injuries to your lips resulting from car accidents or sporting injuries. Treatment with orthodontic braces can protect your teeth and mouth from these types of injuries.

Alleviate Some Speech Problems

If your misaligned teeth have caused you to experience changes in your speech, and you're insecure about speaking to people, orthodontic braces can help alleviate those speech problems. When teeth are misaligned, your tongue can't form sounds or words properly, which affects the way you speak. Once your teeth are realigned, those speech problems will be alleviated.