Special Needs Dentistry

16 October 2019
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There can be a lot of requirements from a medical and emotional standpoint when it comes to special needs children. There can also be a lot of dental issues. Parents may have a difficult time when it comes to tending to the routine dental needs of their special needs child as well. Many dental conditions can come with a person's disability naturally, and this means even more possible issues arising. This article will address a lot of issues regarding the dental needs of a special needs child.

Daily dental care can be challenging.

Many special needs children won't like to have their teeth brushed. They might not understand why the toothbrush needs to go in their mouth, and they will fight because they don't like the way it feels. This can lead to their teeth not being brushed the way they should be and as often as they should be. This puts the child at risk of many issues, including but not limited to tooth decay, gum disease, and tooth abscesses.

Some special needs children require special dental care.

There are some conditions that naturally make a special needs child more prone to dental issues. A child with a cleft palate can have missing teeth, or teeth that are aligned improperly or shaped incorrectly. A child with Down syndrome can have very late tooth eruption. They can also have very small teeth, misaligned teeth, bite problems, and other dental concerns.

There are things that can be done at home.

Dental care starts in the home. Parents want to continue trying to find a way to provide their special needs child with daily care for their teeth regardless of the fits their child may throw. You can try different toothbrushes including electric ones, smaller ones, softer ones, and you can try to use a water pic to help get their teeth cleaner when you know they aren't brushing them enough. Some children will have fun using the water pic. The different tips will also make some of them have a good time with the water pic.

You also want to control other things that can help them with keeping their teeth healthy. Cut down on sweet foods as much as possible. Have them eat a lot of vegetables, and get them to drink plenty of water.

Get plenty of help from their dentist.

You want to make sure your special needs child goes into the dentist office often, even if it is just to have their teeth cleaned. When teeth brushing at home is a struggle, professional cleanings are a great way to combat common issues special needs children can have. Contact a dentist, like those at Larson Family & Cosmetic Dentistry, to learn more.