Appreciating The Process Involved With Getting Dental Implants

15 December 2020
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When you have missing teeth, you may not necessarily want to wear dentures or a bridge to fill in gaps in your mouth. Instead, you may want something that will look and feel normal and that will function like your real teeth.

In this case, your option would be to get dental implants. You can decide if this option is the best one for you by knowing what is involved with the dental implant procedure.

Length of the Process

It can be important for you to realize that the process of getting dental implants can take several weeks or even months. It may begin with the dentist removing teeth that are rotted, infected, and no longer capable of being treated. Once your mouth has healed from the extractions, you can begin to undergo the dental implant procedure needed to fill the gaps.

From the time that you get your teeth removed to the time that you are fitted with your implants, however, several weeks or longer may have lapsed. The length of time depends on how well you heal and how many teeth you have removed.

Making Molds

After you have healed somewhat from the extractions, you can get molds taken of your mouth. Your dentist will use the molds to make new teeth to fill in the gaps. They will know what size to make the teeth to make your mouth look natural.

Several more weeks may pass between having the molds made and getting your dental implants placed in your mouth. The dental lab needs to make implants that will fill your gaps precisely and offer a good fit on the first try.

Implant Procedure

Finally, your dentist will put in studs on where the implants will be placed in your gums. These studs must also be allowed to heal before the implants can be placed. Once they solidify in your mouth, however, they will be strong enough to support the width and weight of your dental implants.

After your implants are put in, you must take care to avoid loosening or pulling them out. Your dentist will tell you to avoid eating sticky or hard foods that can dislodge the implants.

The dental implant procedure can take several weeks or months. You may first need to have infected or broken teeth removed. You can then get molds made and have implants fitted. Contact a dentist for more information about a dental implant procedure.