The Benefits Of Using A Dental Bridge For Missing Teeth

13 November 2019
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If you're missing teeth, there are a variety of different methods that you can use to fix the problem. You can get a partial denture to fill in the gap caused by a single missing tooth, or a dental implant for a permanent solution. However, you may find that a dental bridge is the best option for the following reasons. 

Dental Bridges Are Effective

If you were worried about a dental bridge providing a less than ideal experience to fix a missing tooth, know that should not be a concern at all. Dental bridges are known to be very effective at the job they are looking to accomplish. Crowns are placed on surrounding teeth that are healthy to support an artificial tooth between them where you're missing a tooth. This helps give the bridge strength and stability that cannot be replicated with partial dentures. You should be able to use your dental bridge without thinking twice about not having a real tooth in its place.

Dental Bridges Are Affordable

While a dental implant can potentially last forever, it's possible that you'll end up paying for the implant over a very long time. This is because an implant requires the surgical procedure of placing a titanium post in your jawbone, as well as the artificial crown that is attached to it. You'll find that a dental bridge only costs a small amount when compared to a dental implant, making it a realistic option to replace a missing tooth.

Dental Bridges Are Not Invasive To Install

As you can imagine, the dental implant procedure is quite invasive to have done due to the surgery that is involved. Not only is there the initial surgery to place the titanium post but also a follow-up procedure to fit the crown on the post. A dental bridge can be installed in a single session, giving you great results without having to cut open your gums. 

Dental Bridges Prevent Teeth Drifting

If you do not think that you need a solution for your missing tooth, consider the long term effects that a dental bridge can prevent. A gap tends to cause the surrounding teeth to drift towards the middle and fill in the gap. This can make it very difficult to fix a missing tooth later on since it could require orthodontics to shift the teeth back to their normal position. You're better off getting a dental bridge early on to preserve the position of your teeth.

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