Procedures To Improve The Appearance Of Your Smile

22 March 2022
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Cosmetic issues with your teeth can be an extremely noticeable problem to experience. While it is common for people to have a range of issues that they would like to correct with their teeth, they may not be sure of the numerous treatment options that are available to them.

Undergo A Professional Whitening Treatment

When a person's teeth have started to become stained, it can be extremely noticeable when they smile. Unfortunately, there are many factors that could lead to a person's teeth becoming stained in a noticeable way. In addition to using tobacco products, individuals that drink a lot of tea, coffee or other beverages with a lot of pigment can find that their teeth start to develop yellow or brown stains. While home whitening kits can remove much of this staining, they are limited in their ability to remove extremely deep stains. For individuals with severe staining, it can be worth visiting a dentist to undergo professional whitening treatment. This will involve the use of powerful whitening agents that will be able to lift out the stains without causing unnecessary damage to the enamel of the teeth. In some cases, dentists may even be able to use laser whitening treatments to reach stains that could be deep in the enamel of the tooth.

Correct Teeth With Unusual Shapes Or Gaps

Some individuals may have one or more teeth that are not properly shaped. Whether this is the result of damage occurring to the tooth or a developmental issue, it can lead to individuals being self-conscious when they smile. For individuals with these dental problems, dental bonding can often be used to reconstruct the shape of the tooth to appear more natural. However, it is also possible to utilize veneers. The particular solution that will be best will depend on the condition of the tooth and the severity of the deformity that it has suffered.

Have Missing Teeth Replaced

A missing tooth is one of the most noticeable dental problems that a person can experience. In addition to having cosmetic impacts on their smile, a missing tooth can also lead to secondary problems for the patient. This can include gaps forming in seemingly unrelated teeth due to the teeth shifting to close the gap. Dental implants are often the most effective and permanent solution for replacing a missing tooth. It will have the additional benefit of not needing to negatively impact the surrounding teeth, which can be a problem with dental bridges as the neighboring teeth may be used to support the prosthetic tooth.

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